A Greener Goodbye

So many people are aware that they wish to be kinder to the planet even after they have died that they would like to ensure that the service they receive in saying goodbye is more appropriate to their beliefs and environment. Here you will be able to see how that can be conducted.

The dramatic rise of environmental awareness over the past few decades has led to the rise in interest in eco-friendly funerals. With emission and phosphate concerns and the fact that cemeteries are fast running out of space, consideration is being given to woodland and meadow burials. This service can be carried out in a hall, home or at the graveside.

These are green and natural burial sites to Whitstable & Canterbury (miles from Whitstable)

Whitstable, Canterbury & Herne Bay only offer a “green” area within their cemetery’s known as “Woodland” areas. The 

only natural burial sites are Deerton and Riverview. The link below will allow you view the sites and what they offer.

People sometimes also like to move away from using a Traditional Hearse. We do have other vehicles, which are suitable, like open back vans & horses drawn hearses.  

Whitstable 2 miles      Link to  Community cemetery Canterbury

Canterbury 18 miles    Link to  Community cemetery Canterbury

Herne Bay 9 miles       Link to  Community cemetery Canterbury

Deetron 24 miles         Link to  Kent Natural Burials

Riverview 36 miles         Link to  Kent Natural Burials