Our Professional Services & General Costs

There are a number of decisions that you will need to make when planning a funeral.

Our team will be able to help & advise you through this process by explaining to you the full range of services that we are able to provide.
We are available 24 hours a day to assist you if the deceased dies at home or in a Care/Nursing Home.

Our professional standard services include:

  • Assisting you with the completion of all necessary documentation for the funeral
  • Help & advising you to decide which is the most appropriate funeral service
  • Liaising with all the appropriate authorities, hospitals or Coroner
  • Arranging & liaising with a minister, celebrant or humanist
  • Supplying the chosen coffin
  • Preparation of the deceased for you to be able to pay your respects
  • The use of our chapel of rest
  • Funeral service your chosen location (s)
  • Liaising and informing you every step of the way
  • Funeral director & four bearers at the funeral
  • Arranging & receiving floral tributes prior to the funeral
  • Receiving & accounting of donations, forwarding these to the charity and supplying you with a detailed list of donors
  • Arranging for the collection of the cremated remains

     TOTAL  £1120.00

Because of the soaring cost of funerals we have designed the following services to reduce the overall cost of a funeral.

Funerals have become over the years extremely expensive and the costs are set to rise year on year. We have been looking at every way possible to help our clients and reduce those costs of a funeral. We have several ways that this can be done to try to suit everyone wishes and that of respect for the person who has died. The following are costing for reduced cost of services and prices.

A Simple Funeral

You choose the time and place of your service

This funeral consists of a reduction of our normal service to reduce the cost. We will assist you with the completion of all necessary documentation and liaising with all the appropriate authorities. The transfer of the deceased during normal working hours, a simple coffin, the hearse direct to the funeral location, the funeral director and four bearers. No additional services can be added.              

Our Services£1520.00
Cremation Fee** Bobbing£795.00
Doctors Fee£164.00
Officiant Fee£224.00
Total cost£2,703.00


*Disbursements are fees set by a third party, Crematorium, Doctors and Minister or Celebrant. These are different for each funeral, pending which crematorium you choose.

Direct Cremation

 No attendance or any choice of the time or place of the cremation

It is important to read these Details for Direct Cremations

This allows the decease to be cremated without any form of service or attendance at the cremation.

The paperwork is completed by us and sent electronically, printed by you, signed and returned to us by first class post. We send an electronic invoice, which you pay 48 hours prior to the funeral service.

No other services can be added, but retaining the deceased’s dignity at an abridged price.

Please note if the Coroner signed the death certificate then this price would reduce by £164.00 (Doctors fees)

   Our services & disbursements

                       Total cost            £1484.00

Please see cremation and burial example here