What Are The Costs For A Small Funeral?

Here you will be able to see all the cost involved in a funeral service

Click on examples to see different funerals with total cost.

EXAMPLE – CREMATION AND BURIAL – one example of each

Example – A Simple Funeral – you choose the time and place of your service

DOCUMENT – It is important to read this document for these Direct Cremations

Direct Cremation – No attendance or any choice of the time or place of the cremation

Direct Cremation – With a committal service at an early morning service at crematorium

We have produced an automated funeral calculator form to help you find out the estimated cost of a funeral. You can do this by answering some questions in a drop down box on each funeral cost section, make your choice and then you will then have an estimate of the costs for a funeral service you require, with the option of printing the estimate.

The cost involved in every funeral can be different due to your personal requirements. Here we have listed most of our service, with a couple of examples of a traditional funeral service in a crematorium or cemetery.

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