Details for Direct Cremations

We’ve have tried to make a Direct Cremation as simple as possible.

Nevertheless, you will need to understand the following to avoid incurring additional cost:

Call our team on 01227 456300 between the hours of 10am and 4pm and we’ll take all the details we need over the phone.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if death occurs at home or in a nursing/care home (understanding the information below). 

 If death has occurred at home, nursing home and the Coroner is not involved we will arrange to come straight away once the death has been verified by a Doctor. 

The cremation cannot take place until the person has been examined by two doctors (unless the coroner is involved). This is A LEGAL REQUIREMENT and the law states that the first MUST be a Doctor who has seen the person within the last 14 days. We work with GPs to ensure that all of the paperwork is completed. IF WE HAVE TO TAKE THE DECEASED TO ANOTHER PLACE FOR THE DOCTOR TO SEE THE BODY THEN ADDITIONAL FEE WILL BE INCURRED (£195.00).   

THE CORONER MUST BE INFORMED BEFORE WE COLLECT YOUR LOVED ONE IF:The deceased has NOT seen a doctor in the last 14 days The deceased is the subject of a DoLS Order (Deprivation of liberty Safeguarding Order)In these cases the coroner MUST be informed immediately. Call 101 and ask for your local police force who will put you through to the on-duty coroner’s officer.

 If death has happened in hospital we’ll need either the green certificate from the Registrar or the Coroner’s Order for Cremation before we can collect the deceased. YOU must register the death in the district where the death occurred, we cannot do this for you. 

We will send you the cremation forms that require your signature, usually by email but some clients prefer to use the post. Once these are returned and payment has been received, we will collect the deceased and carry out the cremation. In exceptional circumstances, we may arrange to visit you to collect papers en-route to the deceased’s location. 

You will receive an invoice by email once you have instructed us. We prefer to receive payment by bank transfer, which is simple to arrange even if you don’t have access to on-line banking. Simply present the invoice to your bank and they can arrange for your transfer. Releasing funds from the deceased person’s bank account is straightforward. Simply present our invoice and an original death certificate and they will make direct payment to us.  

Where possible the cremation will usually take place within 5/7 days of receiving the signed paperwork. We will confirm the date once we know.  

Please note that it is not possible to have a service or ceremony of any type other than a committal service with no more than 10 people in attendance. Your loved one’s cremated remains will be available for collection from the crematorium four working days after the committal. Alternatively, if you would like us to collect them then let us know and you can collect them from either of our offices at Whitstable or Canterbury.  

After the service 

If you decide on cremation you will need to consider what you would like to do with the remains. There are many options including leaving them at the Crematorium, interring them in a local cemetery or churchyard or placing them in a place which is special to you. 

Most cemeteries and churchyards have areas where the deceased remains can be buried and a small memorial can be placed. If you decide on burial you may wish a headstone to be placed on the grave. (Please see Memorials Below) 

The above list is general to the standard type of funeral but tries to cover some variations. We are here to guide you round whatever you may want, do not be afraid to ask us if there is something which you may regard as different to the norm. You will be surprised at the questions we are asked and whether things are possible. Our only concern is that you go away from us happy, that the advice and help you have received covers everything you may feel appropriate.