Examples of Funeral Costs

All funerals are different; nevertheless, people like to know an estimated cost. Here are some examples of our typical funerals


Traditional Cremation Funeral Service

We work with you in making the funeral arrangements by sharing information so you can make informed decisions on how to say goodbye.

Our professional services include, assisting you with the completion of all necessary documentation; arranging & liaising with a Minister or Celebrant; supplying the chosen coffin from our selection; preparation of the deceased & the use of our chapel of rest; use of a traditional hearse (other options include Lorry hearse, Motorcycle & Sidecar hearse, Horse drawn hearse, Land Rover hearse); attendance of the Funeral Director & four bearers at one funeral location (other options include a service prior to or following the cremation); arranging & receiving floral tributes; receiving & accounting of donations, forwarding these to the charity and supplying next of kin with a details.                (based on Herne Bay peak times)   


Simple Cremation Funeral

A funeral service to assist people who require a simple funeral due to their financial circumstances. This funeral consists of assisting with the completion of all necessary documentation and liaising with all the appropriate authorities. The transfer of the deceased during normal working hours, a simple coffin, the hearse direct to the funeral location, the funeral director’s attendance and four bearers. (Additional services can be added)                                                                                                                                         


Early Morning Cremation Funeral

A limited funeral service with a maximum of 20 people in attendance and 20 minutes in the chapel for a family or FD led service only.  Our price includes the transfer of the deceased during normal working hours, completion of all paperwork, a simple coffin, two bearers and a vehicle to the crematorium. Cremated remains can be collected from us or we can arrange to have them scattered at the crematorium. (available 9.30 Monday-Thursday only, additional services can be added).                                                                                                                      


Attended Direct Cremation Funeral

Similar to Early Morning cremation, with only a maximum of 8 people in attendance with 10 minutes in the chapel, no service and only one piece of music.


Direct Cremation (as seen on TV – Pure Cremation)

As with the Attended Direct cremation, but allows for deceased to be cremated without any form of service or attendance at the crematorium.  Direct Cremation – Why Use Us?       


While the majority of funerals are now cremation, burial is still a perferred option for some families. Here are some examples of burial funerals

Traditional Burial Funeral Service

Similar to a Traditional Cremation, but includes arranging for burial of the deceased in one of the cemeteries run by Canterbury City Council ((other options include burial in a church graveyard). Our services include purchasing a burial plot (if not already purchased) and arranging for the preparation of the grave.                                                                   


Natural Burial Funeral Service 

Similar to a Traditional burial, but includes a cardboard “eco” coffin, and purchase of the burial plot at the Riverview Natural Burial Ground (Wardwell Lane, Sittingbourne).


Direct Natural Burial Funeral Service 

As with the Natural Burial service, but without any form of service or attendance, and includes a simple “eco” coffin, purchase of the burial plot and provision of a vehicle to the Natural Burial Ground, and the completion of all paperwork.


Cost of Additional Services – where not already included in the above examples

Transfer of the deceased during:

      Normal office hours 8.30am – 5.00pm                                                £220.00

      Out of hours (including weekends) 5.00pm–8.30am                        £260.00

      London Area (including congestion charge)                                       £330.00

Provision of the Hearse                                                                                £290.00

Horse drawn Hearse from                                                                         £1250.00    

Motorcycle Hearse from                                                                            £1063.00

Provision of Limousine                                                                                 £245.00

The services of the embalmer                                                                     £190.00

Funeral service at 2nd location (on the same day)                                   £255.00

Funeral starting before 10am or after 4pm surcharge                          £190.00

Additional service: Dressing  £75.00          Chapel of Rest                        £70.00

Taking the coffin home or into church prior to the funeral                  £280.00

          (Including staff, hearse & risk assessment)                                               

Farewell/Committal Service                                                                         £95.00

         (Where a full service is not needed & where no eulogy required)

Speaker/PA System hire                                                                               £35.00

Hire (4.5mx3m each)            2 x marquees £135          4 x marquees  £165.00

Grave marker                 Simple £105.00           Large Wooden Cross  £190.00

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