Nick R Hardy


Funeral Director
Civil Celebrant
Business Administration

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My work experience comes from working my way through a career ladder that was a practically based rather than academic. I started working at the early age of 12 at weekend in a Chinese restaurant peeling potatoes to by the age of 15 working a main chef. I studied for my City & Guilds qualifications as a Chef and Food & Beverage service. I joined Forties Hotels as a management trainee and worked my way successfully up the management ladder through to senior management “client account executive”

I worked full time for five years as “Head of Fundraising” for Guide Dogs in part of a two departments raising £67 million pounds each year to run a charity. My part of the business was working with large Volunteer teams of 12,000 and staff teams up and down the country to produce income through working with volunteers throughout the UK.

In 2001 I joined Mark Woollard in the funeral services as a his business partner. I have studied, trained and hold the highest form of qualification as a Funeral Celebrant within the UK.

Helping & Supporting people is my true passion in life, that’s what makes me tick, thrive and personally it keeps me motivated.

My Interests & Pastimes:
I am also fully trained and qualified as a Toastmaster, which I spend (it seems) most of my summer weekends working (it’s a wonderful and rewarding role).

Most of my interests are around my family and friends and the different adventures we get up to, being together is the main part. The majority of my time I see my life goals as my hobbies & interest. If I do not like something, you will rarely find me doing it. Swimming is my only sport that I enjoy and I do this for my health and well being. When I
want to get lost in another world then drinks with friends, the theatre, cinema or watching a movie is my great escape.